Did You Know?

Though pronounced "miss-TAIR-oh", Mistero is actually named after its founder, Mister O - or "Mr. O". Our logo hides this subtly. If you look closely, you'll see the crown of the hat is the letter "m", the brim of the hat is the "r", and his face is the O.


How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking and Be a Great Presenter

For most people, public speaking is not a naturally-comforting skill we possess. We've heard advice from imagining our audiences naked/in their underwear, to practicing our speech over and over until we're confident about what we're trying to say. "Master the content, master your fear," right? Wrong!

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How the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works

TheFederalist.com has cracked the code on how the Facebook news feed algorithm works. This summary article teaches you how to gain more exposure for your business without throwing all your money away or burning bills at both ends.

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Handling Customers Who Want a Lower Price

Whether you're a new startup or an empire of sorts, you will encounter price negotiations for your services/products. So how do you handle them? Do you engage in a price negotiation? Should you lower your price (for them/for all your customers)? Should you walk away from the deal?

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Is Your App/Game Addictive Enough to Make Money?

While no one can know for sure when a video, app, or game is going to go viral (or at least perform well), there are some elements to keep in mind that can help steer your efforts in the right direction, and increase your chances of success.

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What to Know When Self-Publishing

The new author's guide to becoming a self-published future superstar. Breaks requirements down into the phases of pre-writing, post-writing editing, self-publishing and printing, promotion and marketing, and fundraising.

Essentially you need to write your book, design a cover, get an ISBN for all the formats your book will be in, save your book and title in PDF form to send to a printing company, and then when all is said and done, your book is ready to be sold online or in stores.

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